About Us


We Once were lost.. Now we're Found. 

lostN'Found Clothing brand starting in 2016 by Manny Gallegos Jr. His vision dates back over 15 years ago growing up in Santa Ana, CA. Manny never felt like he quite fit in...Anywhere.

He was a Christian with tats, a white kid that raps, until he found what he was created to do. Manny had been making music as a recording artist since the age of 15. He was performing shows and  taking any volunteer opportunities that came his way.  His career began to take off, but being a single father it wasn't enough to make ends meet to.  He prayed for something to fund the music and speaking engagements. The lostN'Found clothing brand was born. He wanted to create something that would be dope for the kids and be able to reach people from all walks of life.  

  " lostN'Found clothing its more than just a brand, it's more than just clothing, It's for everything we stand, and we stand on the Foundation of Jesus Christ." - Manny Gallegos Jr.


Childhood best friends Manny Gallegos Jr. & Ryan Steadman partnered together in late 2018 to bring you the Re-launch of lostN'Found Clothing. Ryan has a background in business, sales, marketing and has a passion for fashion while he regularly serves in youth ministry in his hometown of Garden Grove, CA . 


The mission is simple bringing belonging to the world through Jesus Christ. We are a creative artist brand and we're creative because we were created.

Buy what you believe, and find what you were created to do. 


Welcome to lostN'Found Clothing where everyone has a seat at the table.