Promise Child - Partnership

The aim of lostN'Found Clothing has always been to reach people. Our long-term dream is to generate enough revenue one day to build shelters around the world for those in need - we're talking medical centers for the sick, schools for the youth, and churches for the broken. There are many third-world countries and places worldwide that could benefit from the sales and resources of lostN'Found Clothing one day... 
As we have continued to pray for the brand and place it in God's hands, something amazing has happened! The global non-profit organization, Promise Child, has asked us to partner with them for a redemptive purpose. For 17 years, Promise Child has been bringing the Gospel to thousands of sponsored children, building shelters, churches, and schools in South Asia, South East Asia, South Sudan, Uganda, and America. 
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Promise Child and lostN'Found Clothing will be joining together in raising funds and awareness through a Global T-shirt campaign for the "Promise of Hope House" - an anti-trafficking women's discipleship home in Uganda, Africa. For the last four years, this project has provided shelter, nutrition, education, job training, and Biblical discipleship for over 40 young women seeking refuge from sex trafficking and street life in Uganda. 100% of the profits from the sales of this collection will be donated directly to this project!
This movement and Global T-shirt campaign will enable the expansion of the Promise of Hope House and provide on-campus teachers' quarters and missions housing to generate sustainable revenue and allow for people all over the world to pour into these young ladies' lives for the Kingdom!
We are bursting with joy in seeing God's work and being a part of it. Serving and sowing into something urgent is exciting! We ask that you do what God prompts you to do - remembering before we do anything, Christ first served us. Join the movement, and give hope!